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Perahu Kertas 2

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Saturday night, 27th October 2012

It is a precious day ever, I kept my promise to have a date with my old friend, the one whom I never see for about five years. Who knows we will meet in here, Jakarta. That day, the day that I'll keep in memory. we shared everything we were wondering to know. Aah, it will not have space enough if I talk how happy we were at that day, but it is not the point, right now. What I am going to underlined is 'Perahu Kertas2' Movie.

Perahu Kertas2 tells me about how love is undefined. How Keenan really keeps his girlfriend, Luhde being happy, he is always trying to be in Luhde's side. In other hand, so do Kugy. Kugy always tries to give the best for her boy friend, Remi. However, what they are surviving is not because of love. Because in fact, Kugy feels that her heart is chosen to love Keenan. Keenan also feels the same thing.

I like how Dee writes this story in her novel. It is a fiction story but I feel it is an authentic one. Don't we ever feel such kind of that feeling?! We choose to fill somebody's heart but actually our heart is chosen to love somebody's else. " An precious message from that film is Heart is chosen, not to choose (Hati itu dipilih, bukan memilih)".

I like Keenan, moreover with his cool hair, I find that Keenan really being a person who understands Luhde. He tries to keep protecting her. However, when Keenan is gather with Kugy, I find that Keenan is very happy. So do Kugy, Kugy tries to be what Remi wants but I find there is a sun shine at Kugy's eyes when Kugy is with Keenan.

It is definitely right that both of Keenan and Kugy have a crash to each other.

It is touch me when Keenan gets near with Luhde in Bali but in the same time Keenan gives the best his painting to Kugy in Jakarta. Luhde is the one who is kept by Keenan but Kugy is the one who is looked for and missed by Keenan. What life it is!

Reviewing Perahu Kertas Movie, I feel that it is not really clear how finally Keenan and Kugy get relationship. Some scenes seem miss and I could not feel the chemistry of the flow of the story. Moreover, my friend can guess the ending of that movie even he have not read the novel yet. Then I said 'Yes, you are completely right, my director'. Haha..,

However, no matter how much satisfy I am with that movie, I take a positive message as much as possible that I can get after watching that movie:

Not to hurry in taking a decision
Self awareness: Aware with what our heart need
Heart is chosen, not to choose
Understanding plays an essential role in loving someone
We need to learn in the same line How to love and to be loved
Having relationship is not just you and me, but heart is also involved there
Get somebody whom we really looking for, not the one who is in front of eyes

Perahu Kertas 2
Saturday night, with my old friend,
Thank you Ruri

My 'O'

Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Eneng: "Did you tell her that you would stay there for two night?

Onyon: No, I didn't

Eneng: She was waiting for you to tell

Onyon: Even she didn't ask me, text me, she didn't so

Eneng: dont' you feel that?

Onyon: Fell what?

Eneng: she worried a lot about you.

Onyon: what? she?

Eneng: Yes, she is

I was impressed when somebody's telling me that she worried about me, she whose eyes cannot be read. I found her being a cool as cold as ice when I got home late at that night. I was wondering but she kept being silent, therefore I did so. she definitely worried me but I did not realize that I made her worried, I agree that it was annoying, haha (Upz)^^

Gomenasai, I didn't mean to make she worried, I was just think that I'm alright but I did not ever think there would be someone worries me a lot.

She is my cool friend, the one who actually I love, but dont know to say, how to tell, hard to show.

Arigatou for being my friend, Cepichan, my 'O'. ^^ (nyengir)

Dia Nicholas

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Dia Nicholas,
in poetry

Jakarta, Oktober 2012


Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

cinta itu..


It's definitely I define what love is.

For you who are willing to know the other perception about love, and you are wondering what love is and what love is not, It is highly recommended to visit this

I found it interesting and having cool message. ENJOY EXPLORING ^^

Takagi Fujimaru and Kaju Otoya

Rabu, 26 September 2012

Bloody Monday

It is a good oriented Japan action film that is very recommended to be watched. It is all about action, how something can be happened because of reasons, it is all about sacrifice,trust,struggle, love, friendship, sincerity, integrity, dilemma, feeling, great ability,logical math, and much more surprises that will make us always keep watching.

It is completely impressing Japan film. The one who gives the most precious impression is Takagi Fujuimaru's friendship. Fujimaru is a second grade high school students who has a great ability as a super hacker. Because of his ability, he is commissioned by Public Security Investigation Bureau to find out the truth of an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo.

The one who notice about it is Koju Otoya. He is one of Fujimaru's best friends. Although Fujimaru keeps all secret and he makes something looks like alright. But Otoya knows that Fujimaru is in danger area and otoya always comes to give hands to save Fujimaru. Both of them always keep protecting.

Fujimaru and Otoya,. that friendship is supposed to do, isn't it! Aaaah, I really impressed with their friendship.

^"I will never leave Fujimaru, I will not let him fight alone" Said Otoya when some friends tend to make a distance with Fujimaru to save their own life.

They do not want one of them involved to a danger area. Both of Fujimaru and Otoya prefer to overcome the problem alone. Fujimaru does not want to bring Otoya into danger area, So do Otoya. However, at the end,.. they know that togetherness will make them stronger. Then, they promise to always keep gathering.

^'Heh, don't touch him" said Fujimaru When someone point out a gun to Otoya's face. Fujimaru is spontaneously protect Otoya from terrorist.

^"You don't believe in me, do you!" said Otoya. It hurts Otoya heart when Otoya is accused as a spy of terrorist but Fujimaru seems doubt to him. However, Fujimaru tries to not listen to what other people say, When everyone feels doubt to Otoya, Fujimaru belives in Otoya. That's friendship is supposed to do, right!

^Fujimaru with his ability try to stop nuclear bomb that is done by terrorist. All Public Security forbid Fujimaru to do it alone, he should wait until public security comes. Otherwise there is no time left. Fujimaru tries to ignore what they says, except Otoya.

Otoya begs Fujimaru to not do it alone. Otoya is the one who worries alot about Fujimaru's safety. Fujimaru said "please believe in me, I'll make sure that I will not die".

When, it seems that there is no hope, Otoya stiil believe that Fujiamru will come back, Otoya belive in Fujimaru that Fujimaru will hold his promise.

There is such kind oh happiness for Otoya which is find out Fujimaru's alright. Both of them always keep protecting, praying, giving hope, trusting, and never leaving although no one tend to stay. That friendship's supposed to do, right!

Pictures: Monday.

Cool Vs Songong

Minggu, 23 September 2012

Persepsi atau sebuah pandangan terhadap karakter, appearance, atau kepribadian seseorang itu relatif. That makes everyone has different opinion in looking at. Then, inilah persepsiku terhadap seseorang yang 'Cool'.

Kenapa harus 'Cool' tema dari tulisan ini,. Yap, karena makhluk 'cool' lah yang selama ini menarik perhatianku. Bahkan menulis tema inipun, tak terlepas karena rasa penasaranku tentang kenapa being a cool person itu sangat bisa memberikan pesona tersendiri. Searching and visiting other blog, Yes I did it. Ah, ternyata banyak yang suka juga dengan karakter 'cool'. Ada yang bilang cool itu ganteng, pakai jam tangan, pendiem, sedikit cuek,berpakaian rapi, dan nananana banyak persepsi lagi lainnya. Fine, there are various accepted answers if we ask about perception, right?!

Tapi bagiku, seseorang yang 'cool' itu (Ok, dalam hal ini cowok cool ya)
^Caring, tapi punya cara sendiri untuk menunjukkan kepeduliannya
^misterius tapi punya komitmen
^Tidak gampangan, tapi bukan berarti cuek
^Bawaannya tenang
^easy going
^Jaga penampilan, bukan berarti zaim
^Tinggi, rambut sedikit gondrong, alis tebal (Hahhaha, nggak-nggak, yang inimah akunya aja yang iseng :-P)
Cowok yang kayak gitu tu, pesonanya bisa menarik perhatianku. The one who needs time to fall in love with girls..Until he finds a right girl.

In other side, ada nih sifat yang nggak Ngenyamanin hati, pikiran dan hidup ini..Hahahaha. unfortunetly, I have to deal with such kind of person. Well, that's life. Aku bilangnya 'Songong' Tapi dia bilangnya 'Cool'.

Cool --> Stay COOL but Sok Cool --> Songong

Songong itu:
^Nggak caring, cuek
Tapi si 'Songong' beranggapan bahwa 'cool' itu cuek, stay cool itu nggak friendly, penutup, dan susah perhatian.

Misteriusnya tapi 'abstrak'. Misal, we send a sms, then he never reply it. or ngilang aja, nggak suka ngasih kabar. That's Songong. For me, misteriusnya seseorang yang 'cool' itu nggak gampangan buka-bukaan cerita, talk less do more, nggak mudah ngeluh disembarang tempat, nggak nyusahin orang, nggak buat orang lain khawatir dan punya komitmen.

Hahaha ketenangan disini maksudnya, over tenangnya. Kasusnya nih, terlihat tenang ketika belum mengerjakan tugas kantor, tapi khawatir, terlihat terburu-buru, sundrak-sundruk, ceroboh, panik, moody, dan ngimbas ke yang lain kalau sudah mepet-mepet waktu atau tugasnya belum kelar. He says 'It's cool' Alright, I'll say that's Songong.

Once again, It's life! We deal with such kind of those characteristics. Learn from them, just take a positive side of them and leave the negative one...
^ Jakarta, 23 September 2012, When I try to be a better person (always and everyday)


Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Bang Alitt dibukunya Skripshit ini mengajarkanku arti kebahagian. Bagaimana menyikapi pilihan, menghargai diri sendiri, membahagiakan diri, persahabatan, perjuangan, penghormatan, menghormati sebuah keputusan (beserta konsekuensinya tentunya, dan selalu berbaik sangka kepada Allah dan mensyukuri hidup.

Tapi... Buku ini sangat berbahaya untuk dibaca didepan umum!!! Nggak bakal bisa diem deh, sampai sakit ini pipi karena keseringan ketawa. Memang Buku ini sangat bisa menghibur bagi yang sedang mengGalau.

"Apa sih Yan, seru amat ketawanya?" kata salah satu temanku "Lucu tau Kis, nih kalau nggak percaya, coba deh kamu baca beberapa halaman saja.

Beberapa detik membaca, nggak ada reaksi. Dan yang tadinya aku nggak galau, kini pun menggalau. "Jangan-jangan cuman aku aja yang nganggapnya lucu. Eh nggak lama dari itu, dia ketawa, dan itu awal dari semuanya, ketawa dan terus sering ketawa.

Hahahhahaha.. 'iya ya,. seru..seru, gokil" katanya. Dan dia pun ngantri pengen minjem buku, dan setelah dia, zahra, ayu, Nice, Pepeng, Supri, dan Yudis pun ikut dalam daftar nama orang yang ngantri mau pinjem buku Skripshit.

Review; -Bukunya sangat menghibur, Bang alitt bisa membuat pembaca ketawa, namun sisi meaningfulnya tetep kerasa. Alur ceritanya jelas, dan ceritanya mahasiswa banget dah pokoknya.

^Pesan buat teman-teman, dan juga aku nih yang sekarang lagi sibuk membuat instrumen skripsi. Back up semua file skripsi ke email, USB, DVD, komputer temen atau kemanakah itu. Because who knows what will happen next, right?! Nah dibuku skripshit ini ni diceritakan bagaimana 'tragisnya' nasip skripsi bang Alitt waktu itu.

Nah ada satu kalimat handalannya Bang Alit tuh kalau mau ngeles, "Dari pada lulus tetap waktu, lebih baik lulus diwaktu yang tepat, right" gkgkgkk.,

Seperti kata bang Alit, Jika kita dihadapkan oleh dua pilihan yang sama-sama sulit untuk dipilih. Maka kita harus membuat pilihan ketiga yang bisa kita lakukan.Pilihan yang membuat kita bagahia, dan bukan pilihan yang salah. Nah, aku jadi kepikiran jawaban dari 'ngelesnya' bang Alit nih.. "Bagaimana jika lulus tepat waktu adalah waktu yang tepat?! Skripsi --> SkripShit --> SkripSweet.
Well, semester ini aku memilih untuk menyelesaikan skripsiku. Skripsi oh dirimu ya..

For me: There are some words that should be underlined from that book,
^Break the rules and follow your heart -@poconggg-
^There is no something happens without a reason
'Hidup ini bagai skripsi..banyak bab dan revisi yang harus dilewati. Tapi akan selalu berakhir indah...bagi mereka yang pantang menyerah" ^^


I like something 'unyu' but (still) unique. It is like my previous blog template.

Then what's up next?

I was trying to look for another templates, a detail photography template was I found. Then Edit HTML, save n click...
For me, it was unique but it seemed a little bit mess. Then, I planed to apply my previous template.

D*mn, I forgot to save its HTML. As the result, it could not be re-changed anymore. Yes the template was replaced by another one and the gadgets went on as well.

We learn from a mistake, don't we!?. Therefore, it is recommended for you guys to:
^Save the html template that you like (portfolio)
^click 'preview' before choosing 'save'
^if it is ok
^Then, click save

Finally, I found the other template. Yeah It is simple but elegant and unique. It is like what you are looking at now. Nananana..:-P
And here a precious link that helps you to download elegant templates for free.
Enjoy blogging. ^

It is just a little letter but I wish it will be listened to

Rabu, 11 April 2012

Jakarta, 11th April 2012

There is a place where there is no need to cry. Yes, the place where I am with them (Children).
There is someone whose a power to change someone's life. Yes, that is me, that is you, that is a teacher, that is an educator.

Since I was senior high student, I used to wish to be someone who deals with children. However, for the time being, Since I become a student in one of the international universities in Jakarta and take education as my field, I always deal with senior high students since I was in first semester.
Now, I am in sixth semester. I am writing this after accomplishing school experience (Observing teaching and learning process in the real schools by doing research and being a teacher there). Reflect to what I have experienced, I am wondering, should they need a teacher?

See, "They are taller than me, they are richer than me, as long as everything can be handled by technology, they may know everything without me". If for them, coming to the school is just for formality, then what does teacher mean for them?
It seems that respect can be bought by money. Asking them to follow your rules, make you should prepare an answer of this question 'who are you?'

It is crazy I know, but...

I believe that those students really need me, really need you as a young generation of teacher.
They have not known yet how to respect, how to behave, how to walk in the right way, how to run, how to reach a true happiness, how to feel togetherness, how to love and to be loved.
They need us, really need us.
Because,.. teaching is not only delivering a 'thing' in 'front of class'. Educate them is more important than everything.
Do not ever give up, to be what you is striving now, to be what you dream. To be someone who you want, to be someone who you miss, to be someone whom you will be.

I am writing this for my friend whom I never meet before. The one who cares. The one who will smile while he is reading this.
Nothing special to be shared, but I wish something special always goes long with him.

Aap,   おたんじょうびおめでとうございます
Semoga umurnya berkah ya...


Dia, benar-benar paham kah?

Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Aku bilang kau terlalu acuh,
kau bilang itu karaktermu
Baik, aku paham

Aku bilang bicaralah, kita butuh bicara
kau bilang susah bagimu karena kau pendiam
Baik, aku paham

Aku bilang kau tak peka
kau bilang kau hanya tak tahu caranya
Baik, aku paham

Aku bilang Paham nggak sih kalau aku sayang
kau bilang iya aku paham,
"akupun juga" kau bilang.

"Sayang itu harus saling memahami kan ya yah, ma?"
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