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Technology-School Experience

Senin, 15 November 2010

TLL_Mid Term Task
By: Yani     
           As an assistance teacher in SMAN43 Jakarta for two weeks. I have found some interesting lessons that can be my reflection as a young generation of teacher.  First, let me tell about the background of school and how technology is used to enhance the students learning.    
           SMAN 43 Jakarta has 681 students and 18 classes. It consists of IPA and IPS students. In that school provides some technologies, such as computers in language laboratory and LCD. There are 21 computers in the language laboratory that are used to enhance the students learning in English and German classes. The school just has about seven LCDs that are saved in teacher room. Because of the limited of LCD, for the teacher who wants to use it in their teaching in the classroom, they have to order it before and use their own laptop. If they do not have laptop, they can borrow it with the other teacher who has. In addition, there is nothing screen for LCD in there, so the students just see the materials in the laptop from the wall.
            . Here, I was focus in XI IPS classes because my master teacher just teaches in those classes. Every class has 36 up to 40 students. Based on my observation and interview, my master teacher did not use the technology that have provided by school. She is a “digital immigrant” who is not familiar with technology. She was born on 1956 and she had begun to teach since 1984.
Can you imagine how old she is! Based on my interview, she knew that it was a mistake that she did not use technology; however she said that she was too old to learn about technology. So, I could not evaluate how effective technology in the classroom because my master teacher did not use it. However, on general, the technology in that school is not really effective because the limited of number. Every class is not provided computers and LCD as well.
If I had to be a teacher in those classes, I will capitalize the technology in there to enhance the students learning. For example, in the first week the students studied about the genre of texts. If I had to teach in those classes with the same lesson and condition, I will give the explanation about genre of text by using power point. Then, I will also play the music to escort them when they do activities in their groups. The purpose is to create an interesting air in the classroom.
Then, in the second week, the students studied about advising and warning expression. If I had to teach in the same lesson, what I want to do to capitalize the technology is I will bring the students to language laboratory. I will show the video about advising and warning expression. So, as a visual, they can see the situation and the expression of native speaker by looking the picture/video. In addition, they can practice the best pronunciation, intonation about advising and warning expression.

What I have learn based on my observation, evaluation and capitalization about using technology in classroom is as a generation of a teacher I have to update with technology to enhance the students learning to face 21st century challenges

Not single, but Multiple intelligences

Minggu, 07 November 2010

LTM Class
Multiple Intelligences

Generally, many people think that the intelligent person is someone who has high intelligence Quotient (IQ). Such as in our reality, many people are more appreciate with student who get the highest score in exam rather than other students. They think that only person who has high IQ can be considered as intelligent people. However, we should not look at intelligence from one point of view. Intelligence person is not only someone who has high IQ or just good at mathematics or verbal linguistics. Because of that, there is a theory that believes that everyone can be considered as intelligent people because we have multiple intelligences in ourselves.
The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 to analyze and describe the concept of intelligence. The theory also addresses the question whether traditional IQ tests are truly scientific. Based on Howard Gardner there are eight of multiple intelligences. They are verbal linguistic, logical mathematic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial, naturalist, musical, and bodily kinesthetic. He believes that we have multiple intelligences in ourselves but depend on how we explore them. We have to know and identify which one our multiple intelligences profiles. So, we can more deepen and sharp our multiple intelligences and that can be more than one of intelligences.
School is one of the best places to explore our intelligences. So teacher has an important role to build or kill the students’ intelligences. To build the students’ intelligences teachers have to use variety activities that cover of multiple intelligences in their teaching. For instance, by doing collaboration in group, discussing, watching video, listening to the music, practical in the real situation. As the result, not only teaching the theory but giving students chances to share their knowledge or opinion to each others and doing self reflection. Teaching is not only focus or assess students just from the students’ IQ.


Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

PETA Class
By: Yani
Jakarta, 25th October 2010
"No one but us ourselves-no one can and no one way. We ourselves must walk the path, teachers merely show the way." -- Nancy Wilson Ross             

Oh my Earth

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Environmental Education
By: Yani
Jakarta, 20th October 2010

For our reflection..:-C

Environmental Education is study about environment. In my personally It can make us more aware about the environments’ problems.
In my EE class. I was impressed with the videos that were showed to us. One of them is Video Clip of Katosbagaskara&Nugie’s song “jika Bumi bisa bicara”

 ..........Jika bumi bisa bicara                                                              
Kutahu ia akan bertanya
Sampai kapankah kau hanya terima
Tanpa pernah beri kembali
Kini saatnya untuk berbuat
Memberi apa yang dia butuhkan                                                      
Tanah air udara kan bersuka
Hidup harmoni tetap terjaga............

One of the issues that should be considered is Flood. 
I think Flood is the most popular disaster in some big cities, 
such as: Jakarta. 

Flood happens is not only caused by natural factors. How about these?

Thinking about the solution ^
Begin from our selves..As a proverb said that "Prevention is better than cure"
Lets' save our earth.

  Sources: (pictures,

Persahabatan & Kebudayaan

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Humanistic Studies
Jakarta, 19th October 2010


Satu ikatan merajut kebersamaan dalam perbedaan..
Identitas dan kebudayaan.
Latar belakang dan mungkin sejarah hidup yang berbeda
disatukan dibawah rasa cinta dan toleransi.
Membentuk kesempurnaan atas perbedaan,
bersama dalam suka berbagi air mata.
Memandang bukan dengan sebelah mata
karena kita hidup..
berpijak di bumi yang sama….

Banyak hal yang saya dapat di kelas Humanistic Studies. belajar tentang multicultural on ourselves
“Identitas dan kebudayaan”
sebuah identitas terkecil yaitu “nama”. hadiah teristimewa dari orang tua untuk kita, yang didalamnya terdapat harapan, doa, dan arti yang bermakna. jasad mungkin bisa rapuh namun nama tak akan rapuh dalam ingatan.
Kebudayaan adalah hasil karya sekelompok masyarakat yang berawal dari kebiasaan yang didalamnya terdapat kepercayaan, norma dan kebutuhan yang diwariskan secara turun temurun.
Identitas dan kebudayaan itu beraneka ragam, menjadi sebuah ciri khas setiap orang atau kelompok masyarakat.
Berbeda memang? tapi saya yakin semua perbedaan itu mempunyai satu tujuan yaitu tentang kebaikan..
“hidup ini tak hanya sekedar bergantinya siang dan malam, banyak cabang-cabang kehidupan yang mengajari kita banyak hal.. begitupun sebuah pandangan.. kenapa hanya melihat seseorang dari satu sudut pandang..jika banyak arah lain yang harus kita lihat dari suatu identitas dan kebudayaan.
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