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It's Time to STOP Discrimination

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

 We are different but it does not meant we have to be distinguished.
I think you have known about discrimination.
Based on dictionary, Discrimination is a term used often in human rights law to distinguish the differential treatment of an individual because of a prohibited ground.
Why does discrimination still happen? Have you been discriminated by someone or community?

A simple example that I think still happen in my surrounding is about friendship. Many people still distinguish friend. In a friendship, they still give different treatment to someone who has different background, religion, color, gender or culture.  Is it right way? may we can reflect it and it is begun from every individual's awareness. It's time to STOP discrimination

 I think we have to watch the video below. this video will open our eyes to tell us that nothing reason to do discrimination anymore.




Anonim mengatakan...

hmm, I agree with your statements ..
but not at all ..

I mean, actually we should have a lot of friends, and I think based on my survey , hahaha most of them try to looking for some friends who can understand their condition specifically :)

how if the condition is like that , have we still call it as discrimination ??

7 Januari 2011 04.04
Yani mengatakan...

I think back to definition and our understanding about discrimination itself. for me, that condition is not belong to discriminate. because that situation do not distinguish the differential treatment of an individual because of a prohibited is usual thing that we look for friend who can understand us and we feel comfortable with.
eemm thank you beby for your comment...

7 Januari 2011 04.24
Iik Iklimah mengatakan...

wawawaawww that a great video
i agree with you so we should STOP discrimination.
i want to ask u, if there is a group do the discrimination to u so what would you do to them????????///

7 Januari 2011 19.10
Yani mengatakan...

thanks Iik...Oh noo..I hope not..hehehehhe..
oh course I'll be disappoint, if I know well them, I'll talk slowly with them, however if they can accept it, there are still many people that want to live with me..hehehhehe... and the last way n the important one is pray to them may God open their heart..hehehehe

7 Januari 2011 19.58
Devieta Noor Afini mengatakan...

How we stop discrimination? Can you propose the solution yan? will you share to me? I think so..

my blog

8 Januari 2011 05.46
fariz_upps mengatakan...

Discrimination is also related to feeling minority, where there are a little people surrounding us that have the same or similar characteristic maybe. If we feel we are in the minority, we feel like afraid to react to them. We don't deny.
However, being minority is our choice. That's why, if you want to live normally with fully all of your right, don't choose to feel in minority, although you are in minority.

8 Januari 2011 19.20
Yani mengatakan...

Dedep: I think it will be difficult to stop discrimination in the world. however, why don't we begin from a little aspect first. for instance, begin from ourselves. if we should be fair with other people and do not give different treatment for others. please imagine, if every single people do the same thing, I think, nothing discrimination anymore..:-)

8 Januari 2011 22.07
Yani mengatakan...

Fariz: emmm, I think it's still related with your posting in your blog, right! eemm I think that is a good solution faraiz, and thank you for that..:-)
however, how about if we do not have some choices and the condition makes us to be a minority?

8 Januari 2011 22.10
Anonim mengatakan...

Have you ever feel discriminated? Let's see the discrimination case from ourself. If we feel it, i think it will be better if we are not stopping our moving or even avoiding people who do it to us.Just take it wise and take it smart. Reflect fisrt about ourself. Do our best approach to them. If they discriminate us because we are different with them, let's proof that we have something that make us eppropriate to be their friend and discriminating us is lose out. :)

9 Januari 2011 00.00
Yani mengatakan...

That's right Een, I agree with what I have discussed it before with Fariz and Dedep..T hanks Een..:-)

9 Januari 2011 00.45

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