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Script Writer and Making A Script

Senin, 03 Januari 2011


I think, you are familiar with scriptwriter in the drama. Who is scriptwriter? Yes, exactly, scriptwriter is people who prepare or make a script. 
        In all cases, scriptwriters must be able to imagine the effect of their words when they are spoken in a production. It is not enough that the words look good on paper. They have to be able to express ideas clearly, create believable characters, and develop a compelling story.

Making a Script in the Drama

Talk about drama, not just think about the performance on the stage. However there are processes that we have to prepare before perform. For instance, make a script. Script is a written version of a play and it used in preparing for a performance.

What do you think about how to make a great script in your drama? Is it complicated? Oh course NOT if we want to try it.
However, do not worry guys; here some instructions to guide you in making a script in the drama. I took it from

1. Create compelling characters. They should be three-dimensional people, with positive and negative attributes, complex feelings, beliefs and thoughts. The characters must have needs, wants and goals.

2. Put regular people in extraordinary situations. Although there are some exceptions, most of the time people want to be able to relate to the characters. It is enthralling for people to see themselves in unusual circumstances.

3. Write believable dialogue. Dialogue must be natural from the character saying it, and relevant to the situation. Every word counts, and must reveal much about the character and the scene.

4. Have a well-thought plot, and subplot. The elements of a good story such as the goal of the character, the obstacles the character must overcome to achieve, the climax and the denouement must be included. At least one subplot including less important characters in a simpler story needs to be used.

5. Include action in the script. Action must also be believable and relevant to the scene. If no dialogue is happening, some sort of action should be.

6. Edit and revise many times. Have the script read aloud. Ask for outside opinions. Change the script until every second of the action and every word spoken works.

I think, script is one of foundation to perform drama. How can we perform if we do not prepare about what is story that we will deliver to the audiences. So, do your best on your own script guys!



Isti Subandini mengatakan...

nice posting.
you give me very good information.
I want to be a script writer..

but sometimes, i don't have any idea in the middle of writing. it makes me lazy to continue the writing.

Can you give solution to handle that problem?

9 Januari 2011 06.26
Yani mengatakan...

Thanks mbak Isti for your comment, so do I Isti, I think every single person sometimes just stuck in her/his writing because the idea do not come yet in my mind. we call it like "dewi keberuntungan belum berpihak pada kita..hehehhe". however based on my experience, what I should do if in that condition is just stop writing. we have to do something that make us get the inspiration. the important thing is we have to focus. Naa,, If we have gotten that ideas, we have to continue our writing and let it flow as a draft writing, then finally we have to correct our writing many times until be a fix writing. may my suggestion can help you dear...:-)

10 Januari 2011 23.41

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