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It is just a little letter but I wish it will be listened to

Rabu, 11 April 2012

Jakarta, 11th April 2012

There is a place where there is no need to cry. Yes, the place where I am with them (Children).
There is someone whose a power to change someone's life. Yes, that is me, that is you, that is a teacher, that is an educator.

Since I was senior high student, I used to wish to be someone who deals with children. However, for the time being, Since I become a student in one of the international universities in Jakarta and take education as my field, I always deal with senior high students since I was in first semester.
Now, I am in sixth semester. I am writing this after accomplishing school experience (Observing teaching and learning process in the real schools by doing research and being a teacher there). Reflect to what I have experienced, I am wondering, should they need a teacher?

See, "They are taller than me, they are richer than me, as long as everything can be handled by technology, they may know everything without me". If for them, coming to the school is just for formality, then what does teacher mean for them?
It seems that respect can be bought by money. Asking them to follow your rules, make you should prepare an answer of this question 'who are you?'

It is crazy I know, but...

I believe that those students really need me, really need you as a young generation of teacher.
They have not known yet how to respect, how to behave, how to walk in the right way, how to run, how to reach a true happiness, how to feel togetherness, how to love and to be loved.
They need us, really need us.
Because,.. teaching is not only delivering a 'thing' in 'front of class'. Educate them is more important than everything.
Do not ever give up, to be what you is striving now, to be what you dream. To be someone who you want, to be someone who you miss, to be someone whom you will be.

I am writing this for my friend whom I never meet before. The one who cares. The one who will smile while he is reading this.
Nothing special to be shared, but I wish something special always goes long with him.

Aap,   おたんじょうびおめでとうございます
Semoga umurnya berkah ya...



Angga mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Angga mengatakan...

Wow, amazing...
Thanks so much, Yani-chan...
I'm not good enough on writing nor 'commenting'

You're right...
They need us...
and you're right...
I was smiling widely when I read it...

**Oh God, how could she know that I will smile^^

ありがとう ございます、ヤニちゃん

Keep ur smile too,

11 April 2012 09.10
Angga Budiman mengatakan...

Yan, kasi tombol "share to facebook" dong... hehehe

13 April 2012 06.06

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