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Perahu Kertas 2

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Saturday night, 27th October 2012

It is a precious day ever, I kept my promise to have a date with my old friend, the one whom I never see for about five years. Who knows we will meet in here, Jakarta. That day, the day that I'll keep in memory. we shared everything we were wondering to know. Aah, it will not have space enough if I talk how happy we were at that day, but it is not the point, right now. What I am going to underlined is 'Perahu Kertas2' Movie.

Perahu Kertas2 tells me about how love is undefined. How Keenan really keeps his girlfriend, Luhde being happy, he is always trying to be in Luhde's side. In other hand, so do Kugy. Kugy always tries to give the best for her boy friend, Remi. However, what they are surviving is not because of love. Because in fact, Kugy feels that her heart is chosen to love Keenan. Keenan also feels the same thing.

I like how Dee writes this story in her novel. It is a fiction story but I feel it is an authentic one. Don't we ever feel such kind of that feeling?! We choose to fill somebody's heart but actually our heart is chosen to love somebody's else. " An precious message from that film is Heart is chosen, not to choose (Hati itu dipilih, bukan memilih)".

I like Keenan, moreover with his cool hair, I find that Keenan really being a person who understands Luhde. He tries to keep protecting her. However, when Keenan is gather with Kugy, I find that Keenan is very happy. So do Kugy, Kugy tries to be what Remi wants but I find there is a sun shine at Kugy's eyes when Kugy is with Keenan.

It is definitely right that both of Keenan and Kugy have a crash to each other.

It is touch me when Keenan gets near with Luhde in Bali but in the same time Keenan gives the best his painting to Kugy in Jakarta. Luhde is the one who is kept by Keenan but Kugy is the one who is looked for and missed by Keenan. What life it is!

Reviewing Perahu Kertas Movie, I feel that it is not really clear how finally Keenan and Kugy get relationship. Some scenes seem miss and I could not feel the chemistry of the flow of the story. Moreover, my friend can guess the ending of that movie even he have not read the novel yet. Then I said 'Yes, you are completely right, my director'. Haha..,

However, no matter how much satisfy I am with that movie, I take a positive message as much as possible that I can get after watching that movie:

Not to hurry in taking a decision
Self awareness: Aware with what our heart need
Heart is chosen, not to choose
Understanding plays an essential role in loving someone
We need to learn in the same line How to love and to be loved
Having relationship is not just you and me, but heart is also involved there
Get somebody whom we really looking for, not the one who is in front of eyes

Perahu Kertas 2
Saturday night, with my old friend,
Thank you Ruri

My 'O'

Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Eneng: "Did you tell her that you would stay there for two night?

Onyon: No, I didn't

Eneng: She was waiting for you to tell

Onyon: Even she didn't ask me, text me, she didn't so

Eneng: dont' you feel that?

Onyon: Fell what?

Eneng: she worried a lot about you.

Onyon: what? she?

Eneng: Yes, she is

I was impressed when somebody's telling me that she worried about me, she whose eyes cannot be read. I found her being a cool as cold as ice when I got home late at that night. I was wondering but she kept being silent, therefore I did so. she definitely worried me but I did not realize that I made her worried, I agree that it was annoying, haha (Upz)^^

Gomenasai, I didn't mean to make she worried, I was just think that I'm alright but I did not ever think there would be someone worries me a lot.

She is my cool friend, the one who actually I love, but dont know to say, how to tell, hard to show.

Arigatou for being my friend, Cepichan, my 'O'. ^^ (nyengir)

Dia Nicholas

Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Dia Nicholas,
in poetry

Jakarta, Oktober 2012


Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

cinta itu..


It's definitely I define what love is.

For you who are willing to know the other perception about love, and you are wondering what love is and what love is not, It is highly recommended to visit this

I found it interesting and having cool message. ENJOY EXPLORING ^^
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