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Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Eneng: "Did you tell her that you would stay there for two night?

Onyon: No, I didn't

Eneng: She was waiting for you to tell

Onyon: Even she didn't ask me, text me, she didn't so

Eneng: dont' you feel that?

Onyon: Fell what?

Eneng: she worried a lot about you.

Onyon: what? she?

Eneng: Yes, she is

I was impressed when somebody's telling me that she worried about me, she whose eyes cannot be read. I found her being a cool as cold as ice when I got home late at that night. I was wondering but she kept being silent, therefore I did so. she definitely worried me but I did not realize that I made her worried, I agree that it was annoying, haha (Upz)^^

Gomenasai, I didn't mean to make she worried, I was just think that I'm alright but I did not ever think there would be someone worries me a lot.

She is my cool friend, the one who actually I love, but dont know to say, how to tell, hard to show.

Arigatou for being my friend, Cepichan, my 'O'. ^^ (nyengir)


Septiani Dw mengatakan...

hard to tell with any words, hard to show..

but its definitely felt =)

29 Oktober 2012 22.04

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