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Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

PETA Class
By: Yani
Jakarta, 25th October 2010
"No one but us ourselves-no one can and no one way. We ourselves must walk the path, teachers merely show the way." -- Nancy Wilson Ross             


diyahlaily mengatakan...

thank you for your sharing, ya Yan...
Me too. I really like this song :-)

1 November 2010 07.14
Pijar lentera mengatakan...

you are welcome dyah..:-)

4 November 2010 04.18
evikdpriagung mengatakan...

great post Yani.
this is a simple post but meaningful for us.
but i want to give you advice.
I think it is better when you explain briefly about the phrase of Nancy Wilson Ross, because it can make the feel more proud and more understand about your purpose to share this topic. Okay, thank you, it's just my opinion. :0

9 November 2010 13.16
nurulhadyani mengatakan...

Nurul Hadyani

Hi Yani,I just wanna add something as a teacher we should be responsible with our job. We have to give the effective teaching to our future students. :D

3 Januari 2011 01.42
selalualways mengatakan...

My mother was a teacher, and she often asked me what i wanted to be in the future. I never answered that I wanted to be a teacher. Yet, I am a teacher now and never regret that. :D

3 Januari 2011 19.32
Pijar lentera mengatakan...

evik: thank you evik for your comment.. that's right, maybe it will better if I explain briefly about that phraase. however,actually I just focus to express my feeling.. thank you evik...

Ulung: a good statement ulung..that's right that in the teacher's hand education will be success.

Pak Teguh: oh ya,,eemmm..but sir, I believe that everything that have happened in our life is the best from God...:-)

4 Januari 2011 18.52

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