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Oh my Earth

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Environmental Education
By: Yani
Jakarta, 20th October 2010

For our reflection..:-C

Environmental Education is study about environment. In my personally It can make us more aware about the environments’ problems.
In my EE class. I was impressed with the videos that were showed to us. One of them is Video Clip of Katosbagaskara&Nugie’s song “jika Bumi bisa bicara”

 ..........Jika bumi bisa bicara                                                              
Kutahu ia akan bertanya
Sampai kapankah kau hanya terima
Tanpa pernah beri kembali
Kini saatnya untuk berbuat
Memberi apa yang dia butuhkan                                                      
Tanah air udara kan bersuka
Hidup harmoni tetap terjaga............

One of the issues that should be considered is Flood. 
I think Flood is the most popular disaster in some big cities, 
such as: Jakarta. 

Flood happens is not only caused by natural factors. How about these?

Thinking about the solution ^
Begin from our selves..As a proverb said that "Prevention is better than cure"
Lets' save our earth.

  Sources: (pictures,


Anonim mengatakan...

u really ask me to protect environment from disaster may happen like flood..
i reflected back to myself and i found that my lifestyle used to be environmental unfriendly.
now i am trying hard to breaking my bad habit and also trying to give something worth to our environment..
together we save the earth..
btw may i request some tips to keep our environment?
thank u meooww..

24 Oktober 2010 21.47
Pijar lentera mengatakan...

Uniekitty...thank you for your comment...actually so do I...however we should try to change our bad habits. thank you so much that you more aware after reading my blog...we are together have to save our earth....
so far, I just begin from a little thing such as, keep waste in the right place and minimize of using "bag plastics or Styrofoam"
keep smile

24 Oktober 2010 22.09
Anonim mengatakan...

I could do the first picture (throw the trash in a dump) but It difficult for me to do the second picture (plant trees)because around my place there is no area to plant a tree. What the best solution do you think for me to participate in preventing the flood???

I ever heard about "sumur resapan" that very important to prevent Jakarta to be sink. Would you write the article about that??^_^

24 Oktober 2010 22.51
Pijar lentera mengatakan... is also difficult for me to do the second one..but at least we can aware about that..waa meri I think it's interesting.. yap I will ya...:-)

25 Oktober 2010 08.49

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