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Takagi Fujimaru and Kaju Otoya

Rabu, 26 September 2012

Bloody Monday

It is a good oriented Japan action film that is very recommended to be watched. It is all about action, how something can be happened because of reasons, it is all about sacrifice,trust,struggle, love, friendship, sincerity, integrity, dilemma, feeling, great ability,logical math, and much more surprises that will make us always keep watching.

It is completely impressing Japan film. The one who gives the most precious impression is Takagi Fujuimaru's friendship. Fujimaru is a second grade high school students who has a great ability as a super hacker. Because of his ability, he is commissioned by Public Security Investigation Bureau to find out the truth of an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo.

The one who notice about it is Koju Otoya. He is one of Fujimaru's best friends. Although Fujimaru keeps all secret and he makes something looks like alright. But Otoya knows that Fujimaru is in danger area and otoya always comes to give hands to save Fujimaru. Both of them always keep protecting.

Fujimaru and Otoya,. that friendship is supposed to do, isn't it! Aaaah, I really impressed with their friendship.

^"I will never leave Fujimaru, I will not let him fight alone" Said Otoya when some friends tend to make a distance with Fujimaru to save their own life.

They do not want one of them involved to a danger area. Both of Fujimaru and Otoya prefer to overcome the problem alone. Fujimaru does not want to bring Otoya into danger area, So do Otoya. However, at the end,.. they know that togetherness will make them stronger. Then, they promise to always keep gathering.

^'Heh, don't touch him" said Fujimaru When someone point out a gun to Otoya's face. Fujimaru is spontaneously protect Otoya from terrorist.

^"You don't believe in me, do you!" said Otoya. It hurts Otoya heart when Otoya is accused as a spy of terrorist but Fujimaru seems doubt to him. However, Fujimaru tries to not listen to what other people say, When everyone feels doubt to Otoya, Fujimaru belives in Otoya. That's friendship is supposed to do, right!

^Fujimaru with his ability try to stop nuclear bomb that is done by terrorist. All Public Security forbid Fujimaru to do it alone, he should wait until public security comes. Otherwise there is no time left. Fujimaru tries to ignore what they says, except Otoya.

Otoya begs Fujimaru to not do it alone. Otoya is the one who worries alot about Fujimaru's safety. Fujimaru said "please believe in me, I'll make sure that I will not die".

When, it seems that there is no hope, Otoya stiil believe that Fujiamru will come back, Otoya belive in Fujimaru that Fujimaru will hold his promise.

There is such kind oh happiness for Otoya which is find out Fujimaru's alright. Both of them always keep protecting, praying, giving hope, trusting, and never leaving although no one tend to stay. That friendship's supposed to do, right!

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